What is the best way to start raw dog food?

For dogs starting raw, we advise doing ”cold turkey.” method  Fasting your dog for 12-24 hours and then giving them their first raw meal is the best way to do this. If you have an elderly pet or one who has had digestive issues in the past, try adding a probiotic to their meals before transitioning to raw and during the first few weeks on raw. This helps to sustain the gut’s natural microbiota, which aids digestion and nutritional absorption.

Other options include a gradual transition strategy, which involves gradually switching your dog over the course of seven days. Depending on your dog’s age, weight, and level of activity, the adjustment could take anywhere from three days to two weeks. Start by dividing each meal into two portions for two days: 75 percent original diet, 25 percent raw. Keeps each feeding separate because the two ingredients are metabolized and absorbed at distinct rates and should never be blended.

Reduce the amount of dry food and gradually increase the amount of raw food until your pet’s diet comprises entirely of raw food after a few days.

Note: If you observe loose stools early in the procedure, reduce the amount of raw food you’re feeding and gradually increase it. The end outcome should be a small, firm stool consistency due to improved nutrient absorption.

Not all dogs will require the entire seven-day period not all dogs will require the entire seven days. You can completely transition them to raw food once they have a nice firm poop. Follow the seven-day weaning chart below to help you transition your pets.

  • Day 1 & 2– 25% Raw, 75% Original Diet
  • Days 3 and 4 – 50% raw, 50% original diet
  • Days 5 and 6 – 75% raw, 25% original diet
  • Day 7 and beyond – 100 percent raw