Is it OK to cook or microwave raw food?

Raw dog food is carefully chosen, processed, and stored in such a way that feeding it raw to dogs is not only completely safe, but also provides optimal nutrition in an easily digestible and appealing form.

Cooking any food alters the  nutritional levels and the properties of the food (including texture and flavour) on a cellular level, which is exactly what we want when we prepare meals that were designed to be heated. Cooking raw dog food may cause a variety of problems for your dog.

When it comes to raw dog food, the heating and cooking process results in the loss of important nutrients that your dog requires to thrive. It is intended to be fed raw, whether you carefully prepare your own raw dog food at home or select a ready-to-serve food that can be frozen for later use. Cooking it depletes vital nutrients that your dog needs to stay strong and healthy.

Cooked bones could be hazardous. Almost all dog owners are aware that feeding cooked bones to their dogs can be dangerous because the heating process changes the bone structure, draining nutrients from the bone marrow and making the bone brittle. This effect is amplified when Cooking meat with small, thin bones, such as chicken, can cause them to break and splinter, endangering your dog. Cooking, on the other hand, has a greater impact on larger bones. Even if a bone is completely safe and healthy for a dog when raw, it can pose a significant health risk when cooked.