How do I defrost, store and handle raw dog food?

Keep raw food for your pet in the freezer until it’s time to thaw. Refreezing raw meat should be avoided because it can allow harmful bacteria to grow!

Thaw frozen pet food in the refrigerator or in cool water. It will take a little more time and planning to thaw your pet’s food in the fridge, but it is the safest way to thaw raw meat. If you need to thaw your pet’s meals faster, submerge the pouch or container partially in cold tap water and change the water every 30 minutes or so. Thawed raw pet food should be stored in a sealed container in the refrigerator.

Raw pet food should be served in stainless steel, glass, or ceramic bowls.

They are very simple to clean and disinfect after use.

After handling raw pet food, always wash surfaces, utensils, and hands with warm soapy water.

Take note of the best before dates! These are in place to ensure that your pet’s food is fresh, nutritious, and safe. Allow your pet to eat Raw Meaty Bones outside or on easily cleanable surfaces.

Don’t forget about the water! It is critical to change your pet’s water and clean the bowl on a daily basis. This can help keep bacteria at bay in their water bowls. Remember to store, prepare and clean up in the same manner you would when handling raw meat for yourself.