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Hear what local pet owners have to say about our raw diet promise!


"Surprisingly.. a huge difference!"

After feeding my dog a rare diet, I noticed a difference within a few weeks. Spencer became much more lively.. it was like he had gotten a needed energy boost. His stool amount was less and it's almost as if I am feeding him the fuel he needed his whole life. Though it took a while before he got used to it, he now loves his Rare Chicken Feast!

- Doug and his best friend Spencer, Toronto, Ontario

"No vet visits since beginning the diet!"

Thank you Canada Raw for providing quality food. I had fed Max a popular brand of food, which is supposed to be great for him, but his health seemed to be deteriorating with his age. After switching to the raw diet as suggested from a friend, he seems to be alive and energetic again, not to mention he hasn't been to the vet since. It almost seems to good to be true. Thank you for bringing back our best friend!

- Elaine Barr and her best friend Max, Markham, Ontario

"Thank you for today's order."
My dogs could hardly contain themselves while I packed it away.
They absolutely loved the wing tips and chicken trimmings...I'm happy to say your chicken is the only one we have tried that they don't have allergic reactions to!  I will definitely be ordering each week.
Thanks once again
Owned by Willow & Rain

"Canada raw product is the freshest I have seen, their service is great and product is always ready on time. "
Ace loves all the menu items, chicken, pork, lamb and more...  His coat is shiny and healthy, pearl white teeth and no more "doggy" odour.  Thanks Canada Raw for providing the freshest and healthiest products for our Ace!"
- Ester, Mississauga, Ontario

Our Raw Diet Fans
CoCo & KiKi, Dogs from Newmarket
Bobby from Oshawa
Robin from Markham
Terence the dog from Mississauga

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