Raw Food: Embrace Their Natural Instincts

Have you ever wondered what a dogs diet consisted of before kibble was introduced?

Like ours, our dogs diet is equally as important. For thousands of years dogs have been enjoying the nutritional health benefits of a raw food diet. Commercial pet food companies have been around for a lot less - less than 100 years in fact. But the question still remains, why do the majority of pet owners choose unnatural, over natural?
It’s a well known myth that one of the reasons many dog owners choose kibble over feeding raw, is that raw isn’t as readily available - and of course, anyone that feeds raw, knows that is not the case!

We often look back and assess different time periods in history and compare how we live now, to how our ancestors lived back then - and more often than not, we walk away having learnt a valuable lesson about life!
You may wonder why you have recently heard of a human trend with a ‘caveman diet’ approach. There are a few around, such as The Palaeolithic Diet, or more commonly known as the Paleo Diet - which consists of eating a balanced diet, full of essential nutrients sourced from foods available to our hunter-gatherer ancestors. Think meat and veggies! Our bodies had to adapt in order to survive - and more importantly, thrive on the diet that was available to us.

And that is the same for our four legged companions too. Interestingly, dogs have a unique digestion system which is built to effectively break down and digest everything from bones, meat and organ meats, to everything in between!

Here at Canada Raw we understand the health benefits of feeding raw, and want to share this valuable information with as many pet owners as possible - in the hopes that our dogs will stay healthier for longer.

We know you might still have questions, head over to http://canadaraw.com/raw-diet-questions-and-answers/ or of course, feel free to reach out to one of our team.


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