Promoting Healthier Living for Our Best Friends

A raw pet food diet for your dog is the most natural and healthiest diet your best friend can get. Dogs are carnivorous by nature so ingesting natural, unprocessed meats provides your dog with many nutritious benefits.

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Canada Raw Pet Foods - Markham, ON

Canada Raw is providing gourmet raw dog food, sourced and manufactured by an Ontario wholesale and retail meat plant with full processing facilities, mainly manufacturing a variety of meats for humans. We understand that your pet deserves high quality meats (food) as well. 

All of our products are free of preservatives, fillers, and carefully inspected before packaging.

At Canada Raw, we focus our efforts on providing the best nutrition, quality, and value into several popular raw pet food items. As an example, raw poultry consists of a high amount of beneficial animal fat, moisture, and nutrients essential for healthy living for your dog. We carry a variety of other healthy meats, bones and formulas your furry friends will be sure to thank you for.

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Our Raw Diet Fans
CoCo & KiKi, Dogs from Newmarket
Bobby from Oshawa
Robin from Markham
Terence the dog from Mississauga

We are proudly Canadian and source our food products from local farms. We are happy to support our local communities with quality Ontario products.

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